JRI Poland #Poland Fonts on spreadsheets #poland


I have a technical question. My Belchatow Shtetl CO-OP is ready to begin
entering data onto the spreadsheets for the Polish record-keeping years. I
want to be sure I understand how to use the Eastern Europe Roman Font before
instructing others. Do most of you use this font for the entire speadsheet
entries (using the extended character codes when necessary)? Does that create
a problem for Steve Tobias? Will they print out? Or do you use Times New
Roman and then insert (or paste) the special characters? (Now if I could
only decipher the recorder's script to translate it into print, I'd be all
set.) Anything else we should know about using the font? TIA

Roni Seibel Liebowitz
Belchatow Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator
New York

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