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Stanley Diamond

Dear friends of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland:

We are pleased to announce that work is well under way in the
indexing of the Jewish vital records for the ten towns in the Mlawa
branch of the Polish State Archvives which have _not_ been
microfilmed by the LDS (Mormons).

This indexing is part of the project announced at the Summer Seminar
in Los Angeles. For more details of the JRI-Poland / Polish State
Archives project, please read the announcement on the JRI-Poland
website: www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl and click on "press releases." For
a more detailed description of the project, click on "Presentation at
Seminar, Los Angeles, July 14, 1998."

News about the Mlawa Archives project
The Mlawa (100 km NW of Warsaw) branch has Jewish vital records
for the towns/years noted below. (The years indicated apply only to
non-microfilmed records which are being indexed as part of this

The Szrensk and Zuromin records to be indexed include earlier
years _missed_ during the LDS filming.

Biezun: 1877 - 1896
Ciechanow: 1866 - 1896
Kucbork: 1866 - 1897
Mlawa: 1866-1898
Nowe Miasto: 1874 - 1897 (some years/types missing)
Plonsk: 1873 - 1895
Raciaz: 1876 - 1896
Radzanow: 1866 - 1894
Szrensk: 1840-1841, 1844, 1866-1895
Zuromin: 1826-1828, 1866-1895

The "Archive Coordinator" for Mlawa is Stan Zeidenberg of Toronto.
Watch for a post >from Stan Z. concerning help needed to complete
the work of indexing the above towns/records/years. As soon as
that has been done, the indices will be available to researchers
through the JRI-Poland database.

Now, for news of Nowy Dwor, the _next_ archives to be indexed.
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is asking for a volunteer or
volunteers to become the "Archive Coordinator(s)" for the Nowy Dwor
Archives indexing project. (Nowy Dwor is 25 km NW of Warsaw.)

The towns whose Jewish vital records registers are in Nowy Dwor
are listed below. Note, years in brackets refer to those records
which have _not_ been filmed by the LDS.

Czerwinsk: Records end in 1865 but a few years were not filmed by the LDS
Nowy Dwor (1824 - 1897)
Okuniew: Available records appear to have already been filmed by the LDS
Plonsk: May be duplicates of records in registers in Mlawa.
Radzymin (1829, 1863/1897)
Serock (1874 - 1896)
Sochocin (1880 - 1897)
Zakroczym (1877 - 1897)

The "Archive Coordinator" is responsible for finding, appointing and
working with "Town Leaders." Anyone interested in assuming the
responsibility of Nowy Dwor Archive Coordinator should respond to
me directly.

Town Leaders organize the project to index their town's records.
That means reaching out to all researchers with an interest in the
specific town. There is no data entry work by volunteers for this
project; all data entry is done by professionals in Poland. Town
leaders and their supporters will be eligible to receive the full
database of indices for their town!

Stanley Diamond
Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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