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Stanley Diamond

Dear readers of the JRI-Poland mailing list:

Whatever success Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has enjoyed
is due to the incredible group of volunteers who, when they see an
opportunity to contribute, come forward and say "I will do it." Of
course, this applies to the entire board, the Shtetl CO-OP leaders,
the individuals who have joined the Shtetl CO-OP teams, and now
the latest group of volunteers for the Polish State Archives project.

Just one week ago, there was a call for an Archive Coordinator for
Nowy Dwor, someone to coordinate the fundraising for the project
to index all the Jewish vital records in the Nowy Dwor branch of the
Polish State Archives. This project is the result of the agreement
with the Polish State Archives to allow JRI-Poland to index all the
19th century records of Poland not filmed by the Mormons (years
not available or missed during the original filming). The indices to
these records will become Internet-searchable through the
JRI-Poland database.

I am pleased to announce that Michael Spain has volunteered to
be the Nowy Dwor "Archive Coordinator." Michael will shortly be
putting out a call for volunteers to head up each of the towns....
that is, to be "town leaders." This will be a personal message
directed to those researchers listed in the JewishGen family finder
for these towns. Of course, if you are not listed and still want to
help, you can contact Michael directly at <MjsSpain@...>

The towns are:
Czerwinsk nad Wisla
Nowy Dwor

Important note: No Jewish vital records for Nowy Dwor (town),
Serock and Radzymin, were filmed by the Mormons. Therefore,
this will be the first opportunity for unlimited access to the indices
of records for these towns. For a list of available 19th century
records for these towns, see Miriam Weiner's "Jewish Roots in

Next up for indexing are the non-filmed records for the branches
of the Polish State Archives in Gora Kalwaria, Rawa Mazowiecka,
Otwock, and Lowicz. The towns whose Jewish vital records are
in these archives are listed in the Repository section of Miriam
Weiner's book. Anyone interested in volunteering to be the Archive
Coordinator for these branches should contact me directly.

Work is continuing on the the indexing of the towns in the Mlawa
branch of the archives. For more information concerning the Mlawa
project, contact the Archive Coordinator, Stan Zeidenberg at:

Stanley Diamond
Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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