JRI Poland #Poland Re: Raciaz #poland

Lawrence Korman <korman3@...>

As town fund raising coordinator for Raciaz, I am happy to announce
that the funding has been completed and the data went "live" yesterday.

Many thanks to those who contributed their time to prepare this data
for the web, and those who contributed their money to make the data
available to all of us.

Between Raciaz and Nowe Miasto, more than 3000 names have been added to
the website. >from these records, I have already found many surprises
and gained new mysteries about my families.

We are still seeking funding for additional towns >from the Mlawa
archive - Biezun, Ciechanow, Kurzbork, Mlawa, Plonsk, Radzanow,
Szrensk, and Zuromin. If you were interested in Nowe Miasto or Raciaz,
I encourage you to contribute to the fund for neighboring towns
instead, people moved around a lot. JRI-Poland welcomes your

Debbi Korman

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