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Avrohom Krauss <avkrauss@...>

Just to clarify my question about who were the rabbis responsible for
records, I cannot make definitive claims about this issue and wish to ask a
question rather than make a statement . I would like to know whether record
manipulation on a large scale occured in Galicia (I cannot judge >from the
records I received >from Poland, as they seem reliable) and whether, or not,
anecdotal references to Jews avoiding or misleading the authorities,
included the rabbi record keepers or just the gentile authorities. Did the
rabbis in charge of records side with the government (in which case the Jews
could have viewed him with suspicion and give erroneous information when
possible) or did those rabbis themselves try to alter the facts to protect
their brethren? I ask this questions in particular regarding Galacia, but
this issues need to be addressed regarding every location, including Russia.
I used the Russian government in my last post as an example, given their
notoriety in abducting Jewish children for long term military service where
record manipulation, to some degree, seems to be taken for granted. But in
truth I wish not to implicate any rabbi, including crown rabbis (even one)
as accomplices without evidence. Although it would be wrong to make
generalizations, since there were respectable crown rabbis, regarding the
general reliablity of records, we need to know whether they were the rule or
the exception. Does anyone know about Galicia and Russia and have sources?

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

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