February 2001 update for Yizkor Book Project #galicia

Shelley K. Pollero <rkpollero@...>

February 2001 update for Yizkor Book Project

How do our wonderful volunteers do it month after month? On the one
hand, we have our donors who contribute translations of yizkor books
and on the other hand, we have our html staff who turn those
translations into magnificent web pages. To all of them my heartiest
congratulations for their amazing work and their dedication to
unlocking the wonders of the yizkor books by translating them into
English so they will accessible to a wider audience.

February is always a short month. Nevertheless, we added 7 new books
and updated 13 others, a great achievement. The first translated
chapter >from the Pinkas HaKehillot, Sadagura, went online on the
last day of February. We are still trying to determine the best way
to list all the translated chapters >from this massive encyclopedia,
so be sure to check under different categories until we post a
message notifying you how these translations will be categorized on
the index page at http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/translations.html.

New Books:

Gostynin, Poland
Meretch, Lithuania
Pinsk, Belarus
Radzyn Podlaski, Poland
Sadagura, Romania/Ukraine: chapter >from Pinkas HaKehillot
Turka, Ukraine
Volozhin, Belarus

Updated Books:

Bedzin, Poland
Bukowina, 2 entries : chapters on Vashkivtsi (Waschkoutz), Ukraine;

Sereth, Ukraine)
Chortkov, Ukraine
Dokshitsy, Belarus
Drohiczhn, Belarus
Kolomyya, Ukraine
Kurzeniac, Beklarus
Oswiecim, Poland
Radomsko, Poland
Rzeszow, Poland
Svencionys, Lithuania
Zaglembia, Poland (check under REGIONS)

As always I would like to call your attention to the yizkor book
fundraising projects which need your support. Many of our yizkor
books can be translated only by professional translators who are paid
for their remarkable work. If you have been helped by these
translations, please show your appreciation by providing financial
support so that more can be translated and put online. Some of the
projects are languishing because of a lack of funds. We know you
are reading these translations as there were almost 111,000 hits on
the yizkor book web site in February.

Bolekhov, Ukraine
Brest, Belarus
Brzeziny, Poland
Buchach, Ukraine
Chelm, Poland
Czyzew, Poland
Dokshitsy, Belarus
Drogichin, Belarus
Gargzdai, Lithuania
Goniadz, Poland
Gorodenka, Ukraine
Gorodok, Ukraine
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Kremenets, Ukraine
Krynki, Poland
Lancut, Poland
Maramures Region
Przemysl, Poland
Pulawy, Poland
Rozhnyatov, Ukraine
Rzeszow, Poland
Slutsk, Belarus
Sochaczew, Poland
Stawiski, Poland
Telekhany, Belarus
Wolbrom, Poland
Yedintsy, Moldova
Zgierz, Poland

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

Submitted by Shelley Kellerman Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, MD

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