JRI Poland #Poland RFI: Help with Krakow microfilms #poland

Erik Hirschfeld <e.hirschfeld@...>

I checked the new records put in today and immediately found an =
ancestor. Can anybody recommend a researcher who can help me with the =
Krakow films 741914 and 718914? Having young children, many commitments =
and living far away >from a LDS centre with decent opening times, I just =
cannot find the time to check the film myself. Could somebody recommend =
a researcher? (The last one I was recommended ran away with USD150, so =
please recommend only a person you have first-hand experience from!). I =
can swap with research >from Sweden if anybody would be interested.=20
And GREAT many thanks to all those who find the time for indexing =
records for the JRI project. Hopefully I can be one of them one day...

Erik Hirschfeld, Malmo, Sweden


[moderator: Please respond privately. Thank you.]

Researching: BLOCK (Raciborz, Breslau, Berlin), BOSS (Zuelz, Breslau), =
DAUW (anywhere), DEICHES (anywhere), FEITELBERG (anywhere), HIRSCHFELD =
(Galicia and Silesia), KORITZINSKY (anywhere), LANGER (Raciborz), =
OLSHANSKY (Poland-Lithuania), RIESENFELD (anywhere). Looking for =
relatives of: female EHRLICH b. c. 1900, Breslau and BETTY ASCHLAWSKY, =
housekeeper Breslau.

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