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For a small fee, you can order copies of specific pages >from films and
books possessed by the LDS directly >from Salt Lake City. Last time I did
this, about 6 years ago, it cost 25 cents per copy when the page number
was provided, and $2 per copy without a specific page number. There was
a $2 minimum order. The fees may have increased since.

I know this method works for census records, US census indexes, books and
general microfilms and microfiche. You can also request copies >from an
index. (I have successfully located information on American families by
requesting, for example, the "C" portion of the index >from a book, then
ordering the pages on which the surname appeared). I do not know if they
can (or will) locate a record in Polish or Russian based on the year,
event and record number (without a specific page number). I've been
meaning to test this but haven't gotten around to it.

You need to get the LDS form called "Request for Photocopies - Census
Records, Books, Microfilm or Microfiche". (There is a different form to
request photocopies of sources for IGI entries, which BTW is now useless
to most people receiving this digest.) You should be able to get one at
your local FHL, otherwise sent to SLC for a copy. (Try the Family
History Department, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah
84150.) Send the completed form and a check to that address I just
mentioned, and they send the photocopies right to you.

If anyone has had or does have success using this method to obtain Polish
records or other non-English records, please post to the list!


On Thu, 02 Sep 1999 00:00:57 -0500 "JRI-Poland digest"
<jri-pl@lyris.jewishgen.org> writes:
Subject: Need a couple of records printed
From: Marcos Frid <mfrid@hpl.hp.com>
I have recently discovered that I didn't print all the records which
I should have printed >from a film which has been sent back >from my
local FHC to Utah. If some kind soul (who has access to an FHC with
the following film in permanent loan) be so kind as to print the
two records I need, I'll be very grateful and of course I will refund
all your expenses. I'm just trying to avoid ordering the film again
just to print a couple of pages.

The film number is: 753121
This is Wielun Jewish B-M-D records for 1826-1853
I need the following two records:
1.- 1835, Deaths, akt #10: Rachel Lachmanowicz
2.- 1835, Deaths, akt #(I didn't write it): Sura Lachmanowicz
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