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The answer I am about to give assumes that the records are
intermixed. That is, that M records are mixed with B and D records
and that there are separate columns for GROOM and BRIDE name. That
being the case, consider (and this is not the only solution):

First sort the list on the column containing M/B/D. Do it in
reverse order so that M comes out on top. (You could now simply copy
it to another spreadsheet to simplify your life but I am doing it one
sheet.) Now highlight the entire section containing M records and the
headings as well. Excel allows you to sort in order by three
different parameters (columns) so: Sort now FIRST on GROOM and SECOND
on BRIDE. You have what you asked for.



I am the Plockoordinator:-), and sent more than 14000 records during
the past year, while many more still to be posted in the future, mainly
from the Russian years of the Mormons microfilms >from the town of Plock.
I have a problem. I need your advise.
I have all the data sent to JRI database. It is in Excel. I want to sort
the data according the surnames and than the type and than the year.
I need to sort of differently when it is M - marriages.
When type is M, the sort key should be the surname of husband, but
the Surname of the bride should be under it.

How do I do that?

Thanks in advance for the tip, shalom,

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Date: 09/02/99
Time: 22:06:08
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