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Stanley Diamond

I just spoke to Alan Knecht and mentioned that I would be making a
follow-up post to his message (repeated below). He asked me to
clarify something in his post. The first sentence should read:

"I recently photocopied all the *index pages" to the records >from
Mszczonow >from LDS film numbers 1199887 & 1199888 for
the years 1855 to 1876..."

As Alan also mentioned, now that we have these index pages,
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland needs a volunteer to head up
a Shtetl CO-OP to data enter the Mszczonow indices.

In addition to the index pages >from the above two films, there are
two more LDS films for this town (for the years 1826 to 1845).
The JGS Toronto Copy Service of the JRI-Poland project is
available to order these two LDS films >from Salt Lake City and
to make the photocopies for the Mszczonwo Shtetl CO-OP.

For more information on the JGS Toronto Copy service, go to the
JRI-Poland web site and click on the Shtetl CO-OP link at the top.
The Copy Service information is linked >from the Shtetl CO-OP page.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

In a message dated 9/2/99 3:18:14 PM EDT, alan@knecht.on.ca writes:

I recently photocopied all the records >from Mszczonow - 1199887 &
1199888 for JRI-Poland. During this period, I had the films >from the
LDS. They were returned about 2 weeks ago.

You may want to contact JRI-Poland as they are looking for someone to
head up the indexing for Mszczonow.

Alan K'necht

shely wrote:

> Dear Sir
> I am looking for the LDS Polish-Jewish vital records.
> I need the following microfilms.
> Mszczonow - 1199887 & 1199888
> Skierniewice - 1191774 & 1191775
> I appreciate your assistance to tell me how to receive these microfilms.
> Sincerely - Aron Meron-Michowski, ISRAEL
> Fax:+972-9-7925198

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