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<<the surname was Chilko
and she was >from Milesczyce. >>

Any other researchers of this surname listed at Jewishgen.org on the JGFF?
Have you looked for that surname at avotaynu.com, their database of surnames
appearing in various genealogical sources? You also could check the town
name "Milesczyce" in the Jewishgen.org/shetlseeker but use the phonetic
spelling (Daitch-Motokoff coding) and not specify any country to find out
where the town was located, and print off the map, to see where it's located
and major towns near it. You could enter the surname in the Social Security
Death Index at ancestry.com/ssdi/advanced.html, to track down others with the
name, and send for their social security applications, at $7 each to learn
their addresses and parentage. And perhaps you'd be lucky to find possible
relatives in the USA by entering the surname in switchboard.com, the Internet
computerized telephone directory.

Best of luck!

Milt Goldsamt

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