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Josef A. Herz <josef@...>

Back in January, 2001 I posted a series of questions about the Polish
military pre-WW II.

Several people contacted me expressing interest in the answers - if I
got them. I finally do have the answers - so here it is.

First I want to thank the families of Jewish veterans and Polish
veterans groups that were kind enough to provide me with some of the

I received the most complete and detailed answers >from Central
Library of the Polish Army - a lead >from my local library.

Here were my questions -

For the Polish Army pre World War II:
-What was the military obligation for Polish citizens?
-At what age were people called up? 18? 20?
-What was the total length required for active serve?
-What was the reserve obligation after active service? how long? how
much time per year?
-Was reserve service usually assigned to local geographic units? i.e.
my Father lived in Lvov - would he be assigned to a local unit that
was based in Lvov or in its immediate area?

Here are the answers -
Ad.1 - Every young, healthy man was obliged to common military service

Ad.2 People were called at 21 (Registration at 18 )

Ad.3 the total length required for active service - two years

Ad.4 The reserve obligation :
After active service (6 to 8 weeks per year )
-for soldiers and non commission officers to age 40
-for officers to age 50
Ad.5 Assigning to geographical units was changing in time before the
Second World War .The reserve service not always assigned to local
geographical units.

In addition, here is a list of Polish military units in the vicinity
of Lwow prior to WW II (I received this >from a Polish veteran group):

In Tarnopol at the time were: 54th Kresowy Infantry Regiment, 12th
Kresowy Light
Artillery Regiment (they also had a small unit stationed in Lwow)

In Lwow at the time were: 19th Infantry Regiment, 3rd battallion of the 26th
Infantry Regiment 40th Infantry Regiment 'Dzieci Lwow', 14th Cavalry
Regiment, 5th 'Lwowski' Light Artillery Regiment, 6th Heavy Artillery
Regiment, a unit of the 11th Carpathian Light Artillery Regiment, a
unit of the 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment, and (finally) a unit of
the 1st Motorized
Artillery Regiment.

Again - thank you to those thatassisted me in getting these answers.
I hope that this information might assist others.

Josef Herz - Renton, WA

in Lvov/Lwow/Lemberg, Kristinopol/Chervonograd, Stoyanov/Stiyanev, Sokal

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