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Kenneth Brody <kenbrody@...>

Claire Colodny wrote:

I have an aunt who is travelling to Poland right after
Passover. She will be going to visit at the grave of
Rabbi Elimelech of Lezajsk.

Does anyone know if the Jewish cemetary still exists
or was it destroyed during WW2? My father's family is
from Lezajsk.
Has anyone visited Lezajsk recently? Have you any tips
or suggestions I may pass along to her?

I just checked the ShtetLinks pages at JewishGen
<> and they say that the Lezajsk
page is still under development. However, they do give the e-mail
address of the people working on it. (Click on "Poland" and then
scroll down to "Lezajsk". I don't know if posting their e-mail
address here is appropriate.)


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