20th Century Lviv Records #galicia

Bill & Renee Stevens <brstevens@...>

Does anyone know whether there are any metrical records for Lviv for the
early part of the 20th century. My paternal grandfather, Szymon GLATTSTEIN,
died in either 1907 or 1908. Since we don't know where he was born -- just
that it was NOT Lemberg/Lvov -- we were hoping that his death record could
point us in the right direction. [researcher name], who I have hired to do
research in the Lviv Archives, tells me that there are no 20th century
records. Any chance that there may be some in Warsaw?

If these records do not exist, any ideas about how I could pursue this
matter. What I know is that he was born about 1860; that his father's name
was Yisroel, and that he had several brothers (no names unfortunately).

Does anyone know about Zniesienie? In one of the records that [the researcher]
unearthed, my father lists Zniesienie as his address (he was actually living
at ul. Asnyka 8 at the time). Could it be the place he was born?

Thank you for all your help and a happy Passover to all.

Renee Glattstein Stevens
Bethesda, MD


WOLF (Lviv)
SELIGMAN (Velikiye Mosty, Lviv, Wien, Paris)

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