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I responded, I think, to one of the complaints about the Ideal Bookstore
in 1999. (I don't remember whether it was in this group or in some of the
other Jewish mail groups to which I subscribe. I suggested then that the
problem might be that Mr. Lutwak, the owner, is profoundly deaf, and perhaps
because of this, may appear to be gruff and uncooperative. In his store, he
sometimes has an assistant with whom I've never spoken or dealt.

During the past three years, I have visited his store, which is in the
neighborhood of my girlhood, and have bought books >from him in person. I
have had no difficulty with him, although it is not easy to converse with
him, and I have been satisfied with my purchases. When I have told him that
I didn't want to take my purchases with me, he agreed to set them aside and
to mail them after my return to Bloomington. He did so without any
hesitation and I always received my packages. So I can't understand what Mr.
Sadick meant by asking whether there was a more "reliable" dealer.

Have any of the complainants ever tried ordering books >from his website or
by writing to him on paper? In comparison with the prices of other book
dealers, Mr. Lutwak's prices are not outrageous or even exceptional. So I
am wondering on what the complaints are based.

Naomi Fatouros

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