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Stanley Diamond

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My genealogical research has turned up a number of
relatives who lived in Germany. I know how to get
birth/marriage/death certificates >from Poland ($35.00 per record).
Any idea how to order these >from Germany?

Jeffrey Geizhals
A clarification here....

Jeffrey is not referring to COPIES of records ordered >from the Polish
State Archives which are more than 100 years old.

His reference is to EXTRACTS of records ordered at Polish Consulates
or Embassies. As I recall, the rate of $35 is the one used by the
Polish Consulate in New York and may be similar at other Consulates
in the U.S. Researchers should be aware that it is often worthwhile to
request such EXTRACTS directly >from Civil Records Offices who may
send it directly without charge or may send it via the Consulate route
with a cost similar to the one mentioned by Jeffrey.

For further information on ordering directly >from the Civil Records
Offices, consult Warren Blatt's PolandV Infofile on JewishGen.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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