JRI Poland #Poland When are JRI-Pl -PSAcontributors eligible to the entire file of indexes for their town ? #poland

Nicole Berline <nberline@...>

from several messages like the one below, I understand that ,
for some towns, the JRI-Pl -PSA contributors are eligible
to the entire Excel file of indexes for their town .
Why is this policy not followed with all towns ?
As Hadassah Lipsius explained in her message about Cesztochowa,
being able to search through the whole file, using various key words,
is much more efficient that just searching by name .
( Hadassah explained that she had the opportunity of searching
through the whole Cesztochowa file
as she was doing the quality control for it)

Subject: Piatek Vital Records - Great News
It is estimated that the costs of adding the Piatek records to the JRI-Poland
database will be $709.
Researchers contributing a minimum of $50 will be eligible to receive a copy of
the Excel
spreadsheets that include the entire index of Piatek birth, marriage, and death

Nicole BERLINE, Paris
OGUS TREIVAS Paberze Kaunas BERLIN Dereczin (Belarus)
LEIBOVICH St Petersburg

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