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Stanley Diamond

In a message dated 11/18/2000 10:48:28 PM EST, nberline@club-internet.fr

On nov 12, I received the vital records (which I had ordered in May)
from PSA, using the JRI-Pl indexes for Warszawa. I am very happy
about this, although I can't yet tell wether any of them belongs to my

But apparently one of the index is false:
The cover letter writes that
"the record 294 in the book of deaths of non christians [...], year 1892
is not the death record of Chaim ROCHMAN " .
( I checked again in JRI-Pl data base, the index is there all right).

Probably there was a misprint in the indexing. Has this happened before ?
Can anything be done about it ?
( PSA did not mention returning the 10$ for that false index ...)

Nicole BERLINE, Paris

The indexing of Warsaw City Jewish vital records (not filmed
by the Mormons) is being handled by dedicated personel of
the Ronald Lauder Foundation Genealogy project at the Jewish
Historical Institute in Warsaw and the resulting indices are
posted to the JRI-Poland database.

Unfortunately, many of the registers among the first group to be
indexed were poorly labelled and it took some detective work
to properly identify them. Nonetheless, it seems an error has
found its way into the indices. We will bring this matter to the
attention of our friends in Warsaw and will let you know what
we find.

Now that the fumigation and preservation work that was being
carried out on many of the registers (at the Warsaw archives)
during the past year has been completed, indexing of additional
volumes has just gotten underway. We hope to have news about
the next group of indices to be available to JRI-Poland in the
not too distant future. No need to ask...we won't delay getting
them posted to our database!

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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