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It's taken almost a year, but I do believe we have the confirmed surname of our
RING family prior to immigration to the United States. The RING's of America most
likely were the RINGGOLD's of Austria.

Thursday, I was contacted by a link to the family who said, "the original surname
was RINGGOLD." Through numerous searches today I have located a John RINGGOLD who
lived at 13 Kirkpatrick St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA. This document
shows him living at this address in 1890 - 1891. Although this may be a
coincidence, letters >from my grandmother to my grandfather in my possession show
grandpa living at 128 Kirkpatrick St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA >from c.
1912-1917. Relatives say at one time, a member or members of the RING/RINGGOLD
family owned an entire block in Pittsburgh.

To me it this is all worth investigating with thoroughness.
How might I locate land & deed records for the property at 13 and 128 Kirkpatrick
St. for the years 1890 - 1891 and 1912 to learn who the owners were. If anyone
knows the correct address
to write for this information, or if anyone might have access to
these records, please contact me privately. Your help might just break-through a
25 year old brick wall.

Also, if anyone has access to Pittsburgh city directories for the above years I
would be most appreciative of a lookup.
Thank you for your time and any assistance.
Nancy Ring-Kendrick
Daytona Beach, FL

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