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Dear genners,
Looking for a place named "Solec", in Poland in a good road-atlas, I found
many places named Solec (9 !!!) and I also learned that IN Warszawa, there
is not only a "Solec Street", along the Wisla, but also a part of the city
which is named "Solec" (south of Jerozolimskie street,sud-east of the city):
it was the cyrkuli VII in 1870 (?) and I am not surprised that my
gggrandfather, who was corntraider and shipowner had lived..near the Wisla
and the harbour.
I would like to get answers to the following questions:
1.Do you know if the word "Solec" has any meaning in Polish? (is it related
with trade or market ?)
2.Do you know what was the number of the "cyrkuli" (district) corresponding
to tis part of Warszawa before 1870?(around 1853-55)
2.Do you know a burg or a city named Solec, in Poland ,which would have had
a jewish population and which would have been divided through a Polands
partition (1772,1793,1795, or 1815) between Prussia and (russian)Poland ?
I heard in my family that many Mendelssohns lived in a town named Solec and
that some of them became "prussian" and the others "polish": I don't know if
it is true but a precise map of different patitions of Poland would help me
a lot! Is it possible to find such maps on the Web?
Thanks in advance for any help.
Kind regards,
Florence Mendelssohn, Paris (France)

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