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Have you tried searching (having a search done) on the Yad Vashem's Hall of
Names ? If your ancestor's family is >from Warsaw, there is a good chance
they or some member of their families died in the Holocaust. Check
http://www.yad-vashem.org.il/ for details.


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Subject: [jri-pl] Search For Poland Warsaw Surname

I am trying to research my family tree. I have found that the
family name FERSZTAND is very uncommon. I managed to find the birth
record of an ancestor named Abram-Reuben Fersztand on the JRI-Poland
database search. I know the family lived in Warsaw. Beyond this I
haven't been able to find any other information. I request that
any one who has any information concerning this surname, to
please E-mail me. Thank you very much for your help.

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