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Ernest G Holzmann <eholzman@...>

Dear Ashley,

I forwarded your questions to Wieslaw, a younger friend in
Poland. Here are his answers. I hope you can use them.

Best wishes,
Ernie Holzmann
Falls Church, VA

I have a Census Extract for London for 1881 which shows the town of birth
for my G G Grandmother (who was 33 years of age at the time) as "Chodiz
Poland" (...) I presume it is in the vicinity of Lublin, as this was the > stated town of birth of her husband, my G G Grandfather in the same > Census.
In my oppinion it may be 'CHODZIEZ'. It is not in the vicinity of Lublin,
rather 'PILA' (northern Poland)

I am also having difficulty locating any records (either the original
derivation of the name or specific records) for my G G Grandfather's
surname, which was "Etgart".
Try to find this name loking for 'Edgar' cause that's what 'Etgart' should
be.in Polish records

and best wishes

Wieslaw Landowski

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