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Stuart Richler <stuart@...>


Over the past few weeks I've noticed an increased number of messages
relating to Viewmate. Unless the document relates to general JRI related
research your request should be posted on Jewishgen, not JRI. JRI limits
itself to general research questions, personal requests are beyond the
mandate of the list. I will allow requests that I deem to be of a more
general nature but requests that are obviously personal will be rejected.
For example questions like "I am researching the following surnames" will
be rejected. The sender will receive a rejection e-mail suggesting
different research avenues that will hopefully be of help to them.

Therefore I am respectfully asking that you not send Viewmate requests to
JRI because of their personal nature. If, however, you have scanned an
index page because you need help for JRI database transcription purposes;
in this case the message will be allowed.


Stuart Richler
JRI-Poland List Moderator

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