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Subject: Posad Yanov Gminy Potok Zloty
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I seek help understanding the name of a city on a birth certificate.
The certificate, in Russian, is >from 1886, >from the town of Zarki
(near Czestochowa). In the certificate, it indicates that the
father, Lejzer Englender, is >from this city:

Posad Yanov Gminy Potok Zloty
This is the correct reading.

"Posad" is Russian for "Seat", in the meaning of a place of occupation; for you
and me, you can interpret it as "Village". This particular posad is called Janow.

"Gminy" is cognate with German "Gemeinde", community. This is yet another
administrative municipal subdivision. Let's call it "parish". This gminy is
Potok Zloty.

or perhaps:

Posad Yanov Gliny Potok Zlotyj

Does anyone know what city this is? The last three words seem to
mean "Golden Stream of Clay." But what does this mean??
Stan Goodman
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