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Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

A couple of corrections to your e-mail ad I do lookups for
people at a modest fee at the Municipal ARchives - the]
marriage records go up to l937 and it costs $5 to use their
machine for five minutes or all day plus $5 a copy of you
can copy the information yourself by hand.
Hope this helps.

Diane Jacobs
New York

But the NYC marriage records (that is, those records that are available at
Municipal Archives, which only go up to about 1925 or so) are very
very easy to search through, and can give you a wealth of information. If
you're looking up relatives >from the NYC area, I highly recommend stopping
(which is free, but printing copies of any records you might want is $5
record- not too bad).

Otherwise, go to the Municipal Archives website, print out their form,
fill it
out, send it in to them with your check, and have the info. sent to you by
mail. Nothin' to it! :-)

- Brooke Schreier
Philadelphia, PA

asparagirl at dca dot net

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