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Harriet Brown <hnbrown@...>

Dear all,

I have birth records for a variety of people >from Lodz/Belchatow with the
surname LEFKOWICZ, which I ordered >from Poland and paid to have translated.
Unfortunately for me, none of them is connected with my family. If any of
the names below is connected with your family, please email me *privately*
and I will send you the translation free of charge. I hope they can be
useful to someone.

Birth records:
Moszek LEWKOWICZ 1882
Tauba LEWKOWICZ 1881
Szmul LEWKOWICZ 1887
Moszek LEWKOWICZ 1883
Chana Fajga LEWKOWICZ 1888
Tauba LEWKOWICZ 1889
Frajda LEWKOWICZ 1893
Moszek LEWKOWICZ 1894
Moszek Lejb LEWKOWICZ 1882

Marriage record:
Moszek-Lajzer LEWKOWICZ and Fywka-Ajga BIRENCWAJG, 1899

--Harriet Brown
Madison, WI

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