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Ellen Cleary <ellencleary@...>

I am posting this message on both GerSig and JRI-Poland.

I am interested in getting information >from the Golub, Prussia records on my
great grandfather, Joseph Isaac BARNETT, b. 1832. I am told that the family
name was originally OPCHITSKY.

I have seen the LDS film pertaining to Jewish records of births, etc. from
Golub-Dobryzn. It is my impression, after working with this film, that
these are records of Dobryzn, but not Golub. The records of those 2
communities are now kept together; but I suspect this was not the case in
1832, when my great grandfather was born. I did not find any evidence of my
great grandfather's birth on those films, tho they are surely interesting to

I would like to try to get some information >from the Golub records and I am
not sure how to proceed.

If anyone has experience in getting information >from Golub, Prussia, I would
appreciate it if they would contact me privately and share any advice they
can with me.

Thanks so much.

Ellen Barnett Cleary ellencleary@earthlink.net
Kenner, Louisiana

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