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Hi all:
This is yet another JRI-Poland success story. This was sent to
JRI-Poland by Sue Kahana >from Jerusalem. I'll attach it to this email.
You can read this and many other success stories at this web page
on the JRI-Poland web site.

Steve Zedeck
JRI-Poland web master

I just have to share this with all of you, I'm too excited not to!

Thanks to the database, I found out that my grandfather's name in Wegrow

really was Winograd, and not Weintraub, which is what it became in the
I found several siblings, one of whom died in childhood, one older
and one younger sister that I hadn't known about. I also found out his
maternal grandfather's first name.

Family legend had part of the family, but no one knew how related, going
Argentina. I tried a white pages lookup on the first names that reoccur,

and found two of the most common of the reoccuring names in Buenos
Aires. A
kind Argentinian who posts on JewishGen offered to make local phone
and it turns out that these people are grandchildren of my grandfather's

oldest brother, and definitely closely related to me. One of them has
Aliya, and I've just sent him an email, and they're all tremendously
excited that they now have a larger family. They had legends that part
the family had emigrated to the US, but weren't sure of the family name.

I was only able to identify them through the databases, it's a big
for everyone to want to contribute.

This is really exciting!



p.s. If I hadn't been a town leader, I wouldn't yet have the database,
I wouldn't yet know all this great stuff. Having the excell sheets in
of me allowed me to play up and down the several lists, and I found my
grandfather's parent's marrage record, his MOTHER'S parent's marrage
record, several siblings of hers, plus, of course, the info that led me
find my cousins whose existence I'd sort of heard of, but couldn't trace

till now.

Sue Kahana
Computer Authority, Ein-Kerem Branch,
Hebrew University, Jerusalem,
Tel: 972-2-6757098 (87008)
Fax: 972-2-6757005

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