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I believe the cemetery has separate sections for men and women. My sister
had thought of that one or perhaps a family plot. But since there seems to
just be a few Malis graves and the cemetery had been vandalized during WW II
as well as natural overgrowth, trees, shifting of the land, etc. some graves
that might have been there before are no longer accounted for, to the best
of my knowledge.

I did come across a section in a book at my local synagogue all about the
Warsaw Jewish cemeteries. Does anyone out there know for sure that there
were separate burials?

Thanks for your help.

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This may be obvious, but couldn't you find out which of the two Malis
women is
located close to your gggfather. People usually like to be interred close
their spouses. The cemetery personnel should be able to tell you this
from the

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