JRI Poland #Poland Bialystok death certificate/success in Zareby Koscielne #poland


I would like to know what I can expect to find on a
death certificate >from Bialystok in 1888.
Much to my surprise, I have found a name and date in the JRI-Poland that could be my pggf. As far as I know, the family lived in Mosty, Grodno Gubernia.
In addition, I have been successful in finding records >from Zareby Koscielne for my BLUESTEIN mggm and Wegrow for my ROSENTHAL mggf. They were supposedly orphans, and I had little hope of ever seeing as much as I have so far.

Sue Seales, North Carolina
researching: BOYARSKY/Mosty and Lida FREEDMAN/Siluva,Lith.
BLUESTEIN,ROSENTHAL/Zareby Koscielne and Wegrow
ZELENY (ZELIONY)(ZELINSKI?)/Odessa and Bershad,Ukraine

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