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Carole Glick Feinberg <feincgs@...>

Dear JRI-Poland Discussion Group Subscribers,

Many of you have visited the on-line JRI-Poland database which contains
1.1 million indexed Jewish birth, marriage, and death records covering
much of Eastern Europe for the second half of the 20th century.

If not, you may wish to go to: http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-PL/.

However, please note that you will find *no* records for Drohobycz (now
known as Drogobych), a town located in present day Western Ukraine,
previously, Eastern Galicia. Drohobycz is located 44 miles SE of
Przemysl and 40 miles SW of Lemberg (Lviv).

If you wish to locate Drohobycz records for the approximate years of
1877-1899 (death records include 1852-1876) you must write to Warsaw,
directly, and have the archives search for specific surname(s), a
s-l-o-w, c-o-s-t-l-y process. Or, you need to travel to Warsaw or hire
a researcher, not practical choices for many of us.

When sufficient funds are collected >from Drohobycz researchers the
Polish archivists will create a database index of *all* existing
Drohobycz birth, marriage, and death records, incorporating them into
the greater JRI-Poland database index. All researchers have free access
to this database >from any personal computer that connects to the

I have volunteered to act as Drohobycz Town Leader, raising funds to
index the 25,749 records that will eventually become part of this giant
database. We are currently at 19% toward our goal of $3862! Your help
is requested to help make this a reality.

Anyone who contributes $100 or more will be eligible to receive a copy
of the *entire* Drohobycz data base of 25,749 entries. However, each
contribution, however modest, is greatly appreciated and needed.

To send a check, bank draft or money order in US Dollars, please mark it

Sheila Salo, Treasurer, JRI-Poland
5607 Greenleaf Road
Cheverly, MD 20785

To make a contribution by VISA credit card, please go to:

We appreciate the work JRI-Poland is doing to bring genealogical
into our homes. And, we encourage donors to support JewishGen, host
of JRI-Poland.

Best wishes to all for successful searches, and may you all enjoy a New
Year filled with sweetness, good health and security.

Carole Glick Feinberg
Atlanta, GA, USA
Drohobycz Town Leader

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