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I have determined that my great grandparents - Morris and Annie Posner - are buried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn with the "Chebra Bnai Hashwatim Anshei Navagrat Benevolent Association of the City of New York" Landsmanshaft. It is listed as a Polish group.

I believe that Navagrat (Nowograd) was in the Lomza Gubernia of Poland. But... since there are four Nowograd's in the current state of Poland, I am
not absolutely sure.

I have also determined that Chevra Shomrei Shaboth of Borough Park and Chebra Bnai Hashwatim Anshei Navagrat Benevolent Association petitioned to consolidate. The
petition was offered on July 3, 1929 and granted on July 5, 1929. The resulting corporation was named Shomrei Shabeth Anshei Novogrod.

Can anyone confirm the Nowogrod location or provide further information about the groups origin or the Landsmanshaft.

Thanx in advance for any assistance.

Roberta White
Researching: Posner, Abrahams, Kleinman, Abrahamowitz

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