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Helen Gottesman

In searching for my paternal grandmothers family, I
found she was included in the genealogy done by John
Henry Richter in 1963 which I located at the Leo
Baeck Institute. It includes our predecessor Benjamin
Ha-Levi born 1795 in Zempelburg. Also the name
Segall, Bukofzer (my grandmother), Lublinski/Lublinska
and Brenner are present.
I am trying to find others searching for the same
information or the compiler of this information, John
Henry Richter who was then living in Ann Arbor,
Please let me know if you have any information on
Helen Dobrin Gottesman

Searching for Dobrin (Tuchola), Bukofzer(Schwetz,
Zempelburg and Tuchola), Segall(Zembelburg),
Lublinska/Lublinski (Krupoczyn/Krojanke and Zempelburg)

Helen, Robert and Adir Gottesman

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