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Kris Murawski <kris.murawski@...>

Our assumptions are: 1) that Grandfather Joel and Hirsch came over first
used their original name, Grabski, and once in the US changed it to Gross
then, when the rest of the family came over, they told them to come as
(assuming we have the right records for all).
2)The 2 younger sisters were sent with a couple who lived in nearby Plock
and listed their town as Plock, also.

Are these assumptions reasonable and can anyone tell me how I can pinpoint
the town they came from?

Donna Gewertz
These assumptions sound reasonable to me.
I found twenty localities, towns or villages, of the name of Aleksandrow on
the interactive map of Poland (http://www.pilot.pl/). There are also four
Aleksandrowos. The town you are looking for is possibly Aleksandrow Lodzki
(also known as Aleksandrowka). In 1909, the Jewish population of Aleksandrow
Lodzki numbered 3,061 (24.1% of the total population). The Mormons have
Jewish records >from Aleksandrow Lodzki for the years 1826-1876.
Good luck, it seems you may be on the right track.
Kris Murawski
Annandale, VA

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