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Miriam Saltzman <whatever399@...>

Hello, my name is Miriam Saltzman. I'm new to this list. My
great,grnadparents were Harry Kleinerman and Lizzie(Lena) Kleinerman nee
Rosenblitt. They were >from the town of Shpikov, ukraine. They came to the
usa in 1909. People have told me that in the book, Where Once We Walked,it
said for information on Shpikov to look under Przyrov, which is in Poland
If anyone knows anything about Przyrov or if it is true that it would be
Shpikov today, please tell me. Thanks.
Miriam Saltzman

KLEINERMAN - Shpikov, Ukraine or Przyrov, Poland
ALTHSUL, ALTSHULL - bobruisk, Belarus
TEPER, TEPPER, SALTZMAN, ORLANSKY - Warsaw, Chelm, Lodz - Poland

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