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It was originally believed that my Grandmother >from Wielkie Ozcy, Poland
name was Rachel Wolfus. However, discovery of different documents and
photos, has shown us varying surnames.

The following are all possibilities,
WOLFUS - Australian Naturalisation Certificate
BOLFUS- Ketcher BOLFUS - Her Father, farmer and Emily BOLFUS, Mother.
Marriage certificate

If anyone has any information on any of these names/surnames it would be
greatly appreciated if you could send it to me at gabriela_k25@hotmail.com


The number of competing surnames is no greater than two, not four as you appear
to believe; in fact, I think there is no competition at all.

WOLFUS and WOLFUSS are, of course, the same thing. The minor difference is a
result of different state of mind in tranliterating >from Cyrillic to Latin

WOLFUSSOWNA is not an independent surname, but is exactly the way that a woman,
a daughter or wife of a WOLFUSS, would write her surname.

I suspect that "BOLFUS" may also be the result of transliteration. Someone
unfamiliar with Russian has become confused between the second and third
letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.

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