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Dear Lublin Area Researcher:

L'Shanah Tovah! The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland project is starting the
third year of the project to computerize the index of the vital records of
the Jews of the Lublin Region! I'm a volunteer who has the dream of seeing
all Jewish records in the Lublin region indexed and computerized. (Sounds
crazy, no?) I'm writing to tell you how this project is going, and to ask for
your help! This letter will describe the status of the projects for each

There are 82 towns represented in the holdings of the Lublin branch of the
Polish State Archives. To simplify this letter, I've divided the towns into
the following groups: (1) Completed Projects; (2) Nearly Completed Projects;
(3) Projects About to Begin Fundraising; (4) Towns Transferred to the Zamosc
PSA Archives Project; (5) Lublin Towns - Coming Soon!

The ultimate goal is to add an index of all the birth, marriage and death
records for each of these towns to the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
database, so you and I can perform on-line searches. Most of these records
are >from the period 1810-1900, though the surviving registers vary widely
from town to town. This project is being accomplished through a combination
of volunteer typing effort and paid transcription by archivists and

I am constantly looking for volunteers to help computerize the Polish
language indexes filmed by the Mormons and to raise the funds to pay the
Lublin archivists to computerize the Russian language years that the Mormons
did not film. Russian reading volunteers are also needed. Volunteers should
be familiar with EXCEL -type spreadsheet programs

Since I know that you are interested in one or more towns in the Lublin area,
I've compiled a general summary of the projects. If you would like more
information on one or more of these towns, PLEASE contact me. I will do my
best to answer you in great detail. Obviously, this is a large undertaking,
with the goal of preserving the memory of those who came before us. Its
success depends upon your interest and participation. Instructions on how to
make a financial contribution to one or more of these projects can be found
at the end of this letter.

1) Completed Projects:

Indexes for the following towns have recently been completed and the funds
totally raised. The records are either already live on the JRI-Poland
database, or are being processed and should be on-line sometime very soon.
Lists of surnames found in the records of these towns can be found on the
JRI-Poland "Contents of the Database" webpage at:

Biala Podlaska
Miedzyrzec Podlaski

2) Nearly Completed Projects:

The following town indices have been typed but still require funding before
they can go live on the database. (Parts of the Lublin file have already been
released due to the great size of the project...) These towns also have
surname lists available, so please contact me if you would like to know how
many times your surnames appear in the indexed records of these towns. And
for certain minimum donation amounts and the signing of a database sharing
agreement, a donor can be eligible to receive an advance copy of the index
for a specific town. Please contact me for more details. I have indicated
how much money remains to be raised for the following projects. Please
consider generous gifts to these and other projects!

Kazimiersz Dolny (Raised $336 of $620, Need: $284)
Lubartow (Raised $560 of $920, Need: $360)
Lublin, City of (Raised $5458 of $8000, Need: $2542)
Slawatycze (Raised: $155 of $230, Need: $75)
Wieniawa (Raised: $50 of $500, Need: $450)

I'd like to thank Norm Katz for his dedicated work on Kazimierz Dolny, and
Olivier Szlos for his hard work on Lubartow's fundraising! Please feel free
to contact them directly also. Norm is available at: NormK12065@aol.com
Olivier's address is: szloso@arcgny.org

3) Towns About to Begin Fundraising:

The following towns are being typed up now and are about to begin
fundraising. We do not yet know how much the projects cost, so targets have
not yet been set:

Belzyce - Contact: Joe Newman at: pcmanager@cox-internet.com
Bilgoraj - Contact: Ari Morris at: frank@alphalink.com.au
Irena/Deblin - Contact: Nolan Altman at: nta@pipeline.com
Kamionka - Contact: Robinn Magid at: RobinnM@aol.com

4) Towns Transferred to Zamosc PSA Archives Project

The following 25 towns have records in both the Lublin PSA Archives and the
Zamosc PSA Archives, and so wonderful Kirsten Gradel, the volunteer
coordinator of the Zamosc PSA Archives Project, will coordinate their
projects >from now on. Until now, we have tracked them in the Lublin PSA
Project, but combining the projects will improve efficiency. Thank you
Kirsten! Please contact Kirsten Gradel about them at: kmgradel@dadlnet.dk.
The Zamosc area towns are:

Bilgoraj, Frampol, Gorzkow, Grabowiec, Horodlo, Hrubieszow, Izbica,
Jaroslawiec, Josefow Ordynacki (Bilgoraj), Komorow, Krasnobrod, Krasnystaw,
Krylow, Laszczow, Szczebrzeszyn, Tanogora, Tarnogrod, Tomaszow Lubelski,
Turobin, Tyszowce, Uchanie, Wysokie, Zamosc, Zolkiewka

The project for Zolkiewka has recently been finished and totally funded.
Mazel Tov!

5) Lublin Towns Coming Soon!

The following Lublin towns are expected to be worked on very soon. The order
in which the Lublin PSA will address them is unknown, but we are making
steady progress, and it looks like Piaski will most likely be next. If you
are interested in learning more about what's available in these or other
Lublin area towns, please contact me at: RobinnM@aol.com. Many of these
towns need a volunteer or two to give specific help with fundraising and
communication. Many of them also need volunteers to help computerize the
indexes filmed by the Mormons...

Annopol, Baranow, Biskupice, Bychawa, Chelm, Chodel, Czemierniki, Firlej,
Glusk, Janow Podlaska, Janowiec, Jeziorzany/Lysobyki, Jozefow nad Wisla,
Kock, Koden, Konskawola, Konstantynow, Krasniczyn, Krasnik, Krzeszow Gorny,
Kurow, Leczna, Lomacy, Losice, Lukow, Markuszow, Michow Lubartowska, Opole
Lubelski, Parczew, Piaski, Piszczce, Pulawy, Radzyn Podlaski, Rejowiec
Fabrykany, Sarnaki, Siedlszcze, Swierze, Terespol, Wawolnica, Wisznice,
Wohyn, Wojslawice, Zaklikow

Finally, and very importantly, here's how to make a donation:

Donations can now be accepted by check, VISA or MasterCard! Please earmark
your donation for the town of your choice or leave it to the "Lublin PSA
Project" to make a more general donation. If making a donation to more than
one town, please clearly indicate how much of your donation should be applied
to each town. Please include your email address, so we can thank you
promptly... Mail checks to:

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
c/o Sheila Salo
5607 Greenleaf Rd
Cheverly, MD 20785

Visa and MasterCard contributions may be phoned to Sheila at (301) 341-1261.
Or print out the form at: http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/visa.htm by
clicking on the VISA Card and fax or mail it to Sheila. The fax number is
also (301) 341-1261. (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern time only, please.) For
selected countries, JRI-Poland is able to accept bank drafts in a donor's
local currency. Please check the JRI-Poland contributions web page for the
list of countries. If your country is not on the list, and you do not wish
to pay by credit card, please contact JRI-Poland Treasurer, Sheila Salo, for
further help. The web site address is:


JRI-Poland has received 501(c)(3) status >from the US Internal Revenue Service
and contributions to it are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Please write me if I can be of further help to you, and thank you for
considering support of this great project. If you do not wish to be contacted
again regarding this project, please let me know.

Very best wishes for success with your research! I hope to hear >from you
whether you have a question or whether you would consider volunteering in
some way.

Robinn Magid
Kensington, California
Lublin Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


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