JRI Poland #Poland New hours, closing news - LDS center, New York #poland

Mila Begun <mmbegun@...>

Today (Tuesday, Oct. 22)I learned that the Family History Center of the
Latter Day Saints in Manhattan will have limited availability starting

They will be closed all day Wednesday, Oct. 23, and reopen Thursday Oct.
24 with new hours: 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m daily. This is due to reduced
staff at the center. However, the building is undergoing extensive
renovation and reconfiguration of floor plans and will close temporarily
on December 1, 2002. Expected re-opening is spring, 2003.

Working there today, I can say that with construction upstairs and on
the next block, it wasn't conducive to concentrating. Extremely noisy.
Stay tuned for any other changes I hear about.
Regards, Mila Begun in NYC

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