JRI Poland #Poland Looking for Marc Ber, NJ-US #poland

Kirsten Gradel <kmgradel@...>

I need to get in contact with Marc Ber, <Berman10@aol.com>

Marc is a very dedicated researcher, CO-OPting and Town leading several
towns in the Lublin-Zamosc area, but for the last 6 months no one have
been able to reach him via e-mail.

I should very much appreciate if any of you can help me with information
about Marc.

Kirsten Gradel
Nyborg, Denmark
Coordinator Zamosc PSA Archives project.
CO-OP Zolkiewka
Town-leader Zolkiewka, Wysokie, Gorzkow.

e-mail: kmgradel@dadlnet.dk

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