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Israel Genealogical Society - Jerusalem (with SIG-Poland)
Program of meeting
Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 19:30

Speaker: Chaim Gertner, Hebrew University
Subject: "Rabbi Shaul Wahl - an orthodox descendent line".

Chaim Gertner completes its Ph. D. in Jewish History
on the Galician Rabbinical Dynasties in the XIXth century
at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The "king" Rabbi Shaul Wahl, born in Italy, raised in Lithuania
and active in Galicia, is one of the significant characters
he encountered during his research.

The library is open >from 18:00.

Location: Beit Frankfurter,
Derech Beit Lechem 80, Baka'a, Jerusalem
Buses: 7, 21(>from Central Bus Station) 30,48.

Admission: free (member), 20 NIS (non-member)
For more information, please contact us:
The Israel Genealogical Society
P.O Box. 4270
91041 Jerusalem
E-mail: igs@isragen.org.il
Web: http://www.isragen.org.il

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