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My name is Robert Rubin. I am trying to obtain more
information on my great grandfather and his family.

I know very little about my great grandfather as he had separated
from my great grandmother almost a century ago. His name was Hirsh (Harry)
RUBIN. He arrived in the United States on March 15, 1891. All of
the documents that I was able to obtain (2 United States census records, my
grandfather´s birth certificate, and my great aunt´s death certificate)
all indicate that Hirsh RUBIN was >from Austria. His United States
Naturalization Record states that he was born on November 12, 1861. The
census records confirm that he was born around 1861. My grandfather´s wife
said to me (20 years ago) that he was >from Vienna. I do not know if that
meant that he was born in Vienna or had lived there prior to moving
to the United States. Or perhaps, Hirsh had always told people that he was
from Vienna because it was a well-known city, and he actually may have
lived close to Vienna. He married my great grandmother, Katherine SILBERMAN,
who was >from Izyaslav, Volynhia, Ukraine. They probably met and married
in New York as she had arrived in the United States in 1892, and their
first born child was in 1900. They had 3 children: Hyman, Betty, and
Samuel. Initially, they lived in New York City, and then they moved to Boston.

Any help or suggestions in finding out more information on my family would
be greatly appreciated.


Robert RUBIN

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