JRI Poland #Poland The roots of Daniel Mathson Fredman(Freman, Freeman, Freedman, Friedman) #poland

Jan Fredman <jan.fredman@...>

I found some records relevant to my familyroots. One of them is a record
of Daniel Mathson Fredman (b.1786 in Poland), wroted in a letter (1820)
directed >from the County Governor of Westerbotten to His Royalty the
Majesty, the King of Sweden, handwritten Daniel Freman of Poland, who
was >from that year officially permitted to stay in Sweden. He was in
service for the Royal Russian Army, which occupaied the north of Sweden,
Westerbotten 1808-1809 (1809 in Oct. a peaceagreement), (Westerbotten
included the current area of Norrbotten, V=E4sterbotten and the north of
Finland, a 1/3 of the Swedish territory and a 1/4 of its population).
Daniel took the name Fredman(=3DPeaceman) 1820, when he became a swedish
citizen and he merried a swedish woman, Martha Gretha Nilsdotter

My problem is:

from what place in Poland did he came?
What was his real birthname? Freman, Freeman, Freedman or Friedman?

Who was his parents and relatives?

Are there any living relatives or engaged peoples outhere who reads this

Does anyone know anything about the aswers of my questions?

If you have some idea, please contact me and I'm very much obliged to

Best regards,

Jan Fredman


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