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Shlomo Wygodny <wygodny@...>

Did the link mentioned below worked for anyone? I always get error messages
when trying to use it.

(Taken >from "Nu? What's New?" on line magazine, Vol. 4, No. 14)

Auschwitz Archives Prisoner List Online
The Auschwitz Archives has placed information about 69,000 prisoners who
died at the infamous concentration camp online at
Only a Polish version currently exists. The information can be searched by
surname (nazwisko), given name (imie), place of birth (miejsce urodzenia)
and place of residence (miejsce zamieszkania). Information displayed is
name, date and place of birth, date of death, and last residence. If your
request produces more than 40 hits, a warning message is generated and
nothing is displayed. The home page is http://www.auschwitz.org.pl/. The
site has some interesting sections. The "Latest News" portion has a number
of feature articles about the history of Auschwitz s well as current plans.
- Shlomo Wygodny, Ramat Hasharon, Israel
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