JRI Poland #Poland "Lendovo Budy" and "Lopene Ege" #poland


Does anyone know where "Lendovo Budy" and "Lopene Ege" are? An 1896 birth
record in Russian mentions these towns, which were evidently near Mazowieckie (Wysokie Mazowieckie?). I don't find them in JewishGen ShtetlSeeker. Current Euro Atlas of Poland shows Lopienie-Zyski and Lopienie-Jeze slightly SE of Brzozowo-Korabie, where another family member lived.

Robin B. Seidenberg


BRENNER, ERLICHMAN-Kamenets Podolskiy area (Zinkov, Proskurov, etc.)
BOGOSLOWSKY-Stavisht, Kiev, Ekaterinoslav
WANIEWSKI, WYRZYKIEWICZ- Bialystok-Tykocin area (Lomza gubernia)

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