JRI Poland #Poland BRZYSKIER = PRZYSUSKIER ?? #poland

Marty Meyers <meyers01@...>

I have recently discovered a BRZYSKIER branch in my ZYLBERMAN family tree
from the Chorzele/Przasnysz area. They are relatively few in number though
in the JRI-P records.

However, I recently found that the name PRZYSUSKIER is very common
in Chorzele and I plan to check out the LDS era records as soon as I can.

To me (a non-Polish-speaker), these two names (BRZYSKIER and PRZYSUSKIER)
seem to be very similar even though they have different D-M soundex values.

Can someone tell me

1) are these likely to be 'Polish clerk' phonetic spellings of the same
family name?

2) how are they each pronounced and how would their pronunciations differ?

Please reply privately to <meyers01@comcast.net>


Marty Meyers

BORDOWITZ >from Przasnysz/Mlawa/Ciechanow/Makow/Pultusk/Wyszkow
MEYEROWITZ/POROSHKIN >from Bolshaya Berestovitsa (Belarus)
KIRSHNER/SIDMAN/BAILIN >from Slavuta/Volhynia/Ukraine
ZELMANOVICH/ROZENSZTEIN >from Poland (Przasnysz/Mlawa area?)

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