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Obviously genealogy researchers need to be diligent in determining all the
names of their ancestral towns. Just as obviously, not all are able to do
so. Having strict naming rules that result in ancestral towns being known
by names that are irrelevant to Jewish genealogy seems odd, at best.
I'm not sure if my confusion is caused in quite the same way as what you've
described, but I'm not totally clear about where ancestral town fits in. I
received this response >from Mark Halpern (thank you Mark!) which explains
somewhat, but I'm still not sure where I should see Zurow listed on the JRI
Poland site and to where I could be sending my donation. Here's what Mark

Zurow was a town in the Rohatyn (Rogatin now) Jewish
administrative district during Austrian rule of Galicia. I think
Zurow is now Zhurov, located at coordinates 4919, 2427 about 10
miles >from Rohatyn. All vital records for Zurow would have been
registered during Austrian rule in Rohatyn. I would not expect to
find your town listed in the Routes to Roots database as it was
too small. I do not think Dzhuruv is the same town as
Shtetlseeker shows this town to be 77 miles away >from Rohatyn.<<

Hazel Sandow Boon
Searching: HABER - Zhuróv, Ukraine; STARK - Warsaw, Poland;
SADOFSKY/SADOWSKY - Lodz, Poland; KANET/KANNETT - Czyzewo, Poland

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