JRI Poland #Poland Re: Confusion about JRI date listings #poland

Mark Jacobson

Hi Jack,

These are Galician records you are looking at. Galicia
was part of the Austrian Empire at the time - it was
difficult for Jews to 'civilly' marry in the Empire
due to numerous restrictions and laws that you can
read about if you search the archives of this listing.
Jews had religious marriages and bore children as
religiously married couples. Most never bothered to
legally marry. Most Jews who did 'legally' marry did
so later in life, often after their children were
grown, so it's very common to see people 'legally'
marrying years after their children were born in
cities which were part of Austrian Galicia. They most
likely didn't actually have children before they were
married, just before they had a 'civil' marriage which
was recorded.

They also most likely had other children born before
the one you found, and either those records no longer
exist, the records are in the Lviv Archive like other
Galician records, or the children weren't registered.
Galician Jews didn't fear the military draft like
Russian Jews, but it was still a bother to go to the
nearest city registration office when a child was born
or a child died. My g-g-grandparents registered the
deaths of 3 of their children in Drohobycz in Galicia
almost 20 years after the fact. If they didn't happen
to do this for whatever reason I would never have
known these children even existed. It was also very
common for people to continue having children into
their 40's, as long as they were still able to have
them. My grandfather's aunt had children born over a
25 year span, beginning when she was about 19 until
she was in her 40's.

Mark Jacobson
Boca Raton, FL

--- Jack <howdydo@...> wrote:

PODHAJCE listings for name PISTREICH.
First, can this be correct that this Orthodox Jewish
couple had a child
2 years before they were married? Can there be an
error on the dates in
the records?

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