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Dear Friends

I am researching two family names >from Poland.

My grandmother is Rosalynd Asherman nee Beresofsky. Her parents were Max and
Helen Beresofsky--both >from Poland. Helen's maiden name is Farberman and she
is >from Lebedow (?), Poland. (The Sugarmans are the cousins of the
Farbermans.) They had three children--Rosalynd, Sarah (who died at age 5),
and Sanford (aka Sandy). Helen was a waitress in the Catskills. She and Max
owned a candy store in Harlem, where my grandmother was born. Then they
moved to Brooklyn, where they remained. Max was a house painter.

Rosalynd married Max Asherman. He is my grandfather. His parents are Ruben
and Celia. They are >from either Poland, Latvia, or Lithuania--we aren't
sure, but any help would be great!! They had Max (my grandpa), Irving,
George, and Lillian. (the only one still alive is Lillian). Ruben was a
tailor in a factory. Celia didn't work. They lived in Brooklyn.

Rosalynd and Max had two children Gail and Madeline (my mom).

PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! I am having particular trouble with the Asherman
side because the name is quite rare.

Please write back.

Samantha Weiner

Jakubowics,Trop, Weiner,Beresovsky, Asherman, Farberman, Sugarman

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