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Norman R. Smith <nrsmith@...>


I am just starting out in genealogy, and one of first roadblocks is to
find the shtetl near Vilna each of parents came from. As I recall it,
it sounded like: Klevitz or maybe Klevitch. Is anyone familiar with
the shtetl?


Norman R. Smith

MODERATOR'S NOTE: While Vilna and Vilna Province were part of
Poland between the two World Wars, those towns are now in
Lithuania and Belarus. A good way to try to find towns from
Interwar Poland is to check the Town Index on the 1929
Polish Business Directory. A link to that index can be found
on the JRI-Poland website at www.jri-poland.org in the lower
right hand corner of the page. A Soundex search will help
you find all towns in the Vilna District that sound like yours.

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