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Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

According to a handwritten entry in the WWI alien registration records at
West Midlands Police Station Museum, in Birmingham, England, my paternal
grandfather Solomon ISAACS and wife Sarah came >from (I quote)
"Russian/Poland [name of town] near Warsaw." I transcribed the name of the
town (which I couldn't identify due to the difficult handwriting) so that
it would approximate the original as closely as possible. (Please note: I
did not have to opportunity to photograph the entry - if I had, I'd post
the entry in ViewMate for people to review.) To me, the name of the town
looked like "Ualara"-- with the first character in the name resembling a

Some people have suggested that the town might have been either Mlawa,
Warka, or even Gora Kalwaria. I wrote to the state archives in Poland but
(so far) haven't been able to determine whether my grandfather came from
either of those towns, or somewhere else.

If anyone has any other suggestions re identifying the town, please get in

Naidia Woolf
Formerly >from Birmingham, England, now living in San Francisco, CA

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